A year ago, PHLster was a struggling small business with limited prospects. Trapped on the treadmill of bootstrapping, the growth plateau was accompanied by inventory management and cash flow obstacles. This limited my ability to knuckle down on the necessary product development so desperately required.

Agema helped PHLster solve these issues by partnering us with a third party distributor to take over inventory and fulfilment. They expanded our network of dealers and institutional clients, integrated our existing e-commerce site with their inventory system, and developed strategies for managing cash flow and predicting and managing inventory. Andrew and the team freed me up to focus on what I bring to this business instead of scrambling aimlessly.

Since then, gross revenue has increased by more than 100% with an additional 50% growth anticipated in 2020. Our network of dealers and institutional clients is now global. And being free to focus on my strengths at the helm of this business, PHLster has released, upgraded, or expanded over a dozen products in the past 12 months.

If that wasn’t enough, I have more free time and mental clarity than I’ve ever had as the owner of this business. I’ve gone from looking for an exit to looking forward to the future.

The collaboration between Agema, PHLster, and our distributor has been the single most successful and valuable improvement I’ve ever executed for this business.

― John Hauptman, CEO

It feels amazing! My business has grown 120% and is now systems-based. It's much easier to manage.

I wanted a life where I could focus on my family and live the big life I wanted. I wanted my business to provide the freedom to live the life I wanted.

Through tough questions, I found my true passion and strengths. I'm in control with KPI's that help me measure my sales and project execution. Our new sales plan drove our incredible growth.

Working with Agema wasn't easy. They ask tough questions, forced me to examine my life and my work, and asked me to do some hard work. At the end of the day... Agema put me in the driver's seat.

― Grant Gosch, CEO

Andrew is a business savant, he is also brutally honest. He won't tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to hear. His track record is unparalled, plus he's a facinating guy and super enjoyable to work with. Highly recommended.

― Todd McLeod, Founder & CEO

In 2012, after years of getting ready and pursuing our first business, we realized we were way in over our heads even with all the work we had done. We turned to the team at Agema to give us some guidance.

To put it simply, they went above and beyond what we even knew we needed. Working together, we were able to go into our business with a confident understanding of what to expect, what we needed, and where we were going.

The security and clarity provided by the Agema group was invaluable and gave us what we needed to overcome the staggering statistics concerning the failure rate of a business. We cannot recommend the Agema team and process highly enough.

― Matthew Wedland, CEO & Owner

Mountain Madness recently hired Agema to help us investigate a new business venture. Our team and the Agema team collaborated together to create a plan that helped integrate our existing business into the new entity. The project was enthusiastically and passionately embraced by the Agema team and was completed on time and on budget.

Mountain Madness received several tangible benefits in improvements to our business systems. Based on data and research collected by the Agema team, we were able to make an informed and well-thought-out decision.

Agema was passionate and professional throughout the process and we look forward to working with Agema again soon.

Bottom line, they took the time to figure out what we actually needed, not only what we thought we needed.

― Steve Guthrie, Director, International Programs

I started a composites manufacturing company with a focus on boat building 3 years ago. I found it difficult to increase efficiency and take advantage of my customer base.

The Agema team helped me redesign the way I approached my business, cutting our build times by 50% and costs by 30%, keeping all my employees and increasing capacity.

Their marketing team analyzed our customer base and suggested a new model that netted sales almost immediately - not an easy thing in such a niche market.

― Sonya Baumstein, CEO
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