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Meet Your Team

Andrew Cull

Leadership + Operations + Strategy

Andrew is a 3 time INC 500 CEO and successfully founded 7 companies, exited 2. Interested in data visualization, entrepreneurship, security, leadership and performance. Paramedic, pilot, and YEC member. Happiest on the side of mountains, flying or hunting in Alaska. Founded Agema.

Kristina Netzler

Marketing + Project Management + Finance

Kristina has held marketing positions at the NBA, WNBA and Division 1 Colleges (Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx, Seattle Sonics/Storm, Florida Gators, and Fresno State). Bachelor's in Marketing, Masters in Advertising, and Series 7 and 66 financial licenses. Loves climbing mountains, sleeping in a snow caves, jumping off boats, and adventures in general.

Phoebi Crawford

Administration + Systems + Bookkeeping

Phoebi keeps us all organized, very organized. Loves power lifting, Belgian Crime Dramas, Drag Queens, and setting up ERP systems. Active volunteer and Mom.

James Holland

Business Development + Developer + Logistics

James has worked in Goverment Sales, International Shipping, and Software Development as CFO or COO. Likes javascript, is a Shopify expert, and open source contributor. Plays the piano, speaks spanish, loves building things and hiking the Tennesee River Gorge.


Life Coach + Human Resources + Security (kind of)

Great judge of people, likes strategic planning and partner programming in Python and Go. Interested in laying in the sun and SCRUM Sprints. Does not like Taco Bell.

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