Accelerate through $10M

The mindset and focus to drive past $1M in revenue is fundamentally different than what’s needed to blow through $10M.

What makes us different is that every advisor you work with has led their own company as CEO from $0 past $10M in revenue. You’ll be advised by a business leader who has been in your shoes.

We’ve developed a very specific roadmap to address the key challenges that prevent profitable growth at this stage, and adjust it to your specific challenges with the tools, expertise, and support at every step.

Over the course of 3 months, you’ll align, transform and maximize your organization in a self-sustaining way. Most importantly, we will create the structure and systems for day-to-day operations to run without you (so you can unplug, take your family on vacation and come back stronger).

Key Focus Areas

  • Develop your leadership skills and build trust through careful delegation.
  • Create and communicate a crystal clear strategy and intentional company culture.
  • Build analytics systems to drive data-based decision making across the company.
  • Optimize your talent and develop high performance, winning teams based on science and work styles.
  • Refine your product/service pricing and offering against both customer opportunities and deep competitive analysis.
  • Identify internal opportunities to improve profitable revenue growth.
  • Build out internal financial controls and reporting.
  • Implement a formal, predictable communication process across the company.

How it works

Once we both decide to work together, you and your team will be assigned to a dedicated advisor, and work with our entire team throughout the process.

  • 12 1:1 Zoom Sessions with an Agema Advisory Team
  • Quarterly follow up calls for the following 3 quarters.
  • Tools, Frameworks, Systems, and Templates
  • Advisory, Design, and Technical Integration Support
  • 24/7 Access to our team via Slack, Phone, and Email.

After our 3-month sprint together, we’ll stay in touch to ensure you keep your progress

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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