We help CEOs & Founders create Radical Efficiency℠to drive exceptional, profitable growth with less stress and headache.

See how different your life could be in 3 short months.

Gross revenue has increased by more than 200% with an additional 50% growth anticipated in 2020. Our network of dealers and institutional clients is now global. And being free to focus on my strengths at the helm of this business, PHLster has released, upgraded, or expanded over a dozen products in the past 12 months. I’ve gone from looking for an exit to looking forward to the future.

John Hauptman
Founder & CEO, Phlster Holsters

The Agema team helped me redesign the way I approached my business, cutting our build times by 50% and costs by 30%, keeping all my employees, and increasing capacity. They analyzed our customer base and suggested a new model that netted sales almost immediately - not an easy thing in such a niche market.

Sonya Baumstein
Founder & CEO, SpinDrift Rowing

It’s hard for me to describe the appreciation I have for Andrew, Kristina, and Mihai. In a short time, they have elevated Phoenix Habitats beyond my wildest expectations...

Ian Hunter
Founder & CEO, Phoenix Habitats

In the year after we started work with the Agema team, we saw a 70.7% increase in gross revenue and a 47.1% increase in net profit. We have real-time data for decision making and overall our operations and systems will enable us to keep up the pace for the foreseeable future

Brian Wurts
Founder & President, Overland Solar

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You'll work directly with award-winning CEO's to work through our proven process in 12 short weeks.

  • Andrew Cull

    Andrew Cull

    Founder & CEO

    Andrew is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agema. He leads the Agema team and often works directly with clients developing and executing strategic projects. Prior to starting Agema, Andrew successfully founded 7 companies, was listed on the INC 500 three times. His interests include big data, visualization, cyber-security, leadership and performance-driven culture. You will find him climbing mountains, riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, cooking or hunting in the Idaho backcountry.

  • Al Smith

    Al Smith

    Success Catalyst

    Al joined the Agema team in 2021 as a Senior Advisor, working directly with clients. In addition to working as a consultant and executive, Al built 18+ six- and seven-figure businesses in multiple industries over the past 25 years including aviation, manufacturing, software, and technology. He can be found in the mountains, or restoring old Range Rovers with his son.

Frequently asked questions

What is Radical Efficiency?
Radical Efficiency is a combination of clarity, strategy, team performance, and lean, automation-focused business systems needed to effectively compete and thrive in today's business environment. It's visible by a strong sense of purpose, effective use of the talent you have, and visible through your employee's sense of purpose and commitment, and the absence of stress and unhealthy conflict.
Who is this for?
Our ideal client company has a product or service and $50k - $10M in revenue with at least one additional employee. We've found that at this stage, we can make the most impact. Our average client starting revenue in 2020 was $3.3M, however, it ranged from $28,000 per year to $9.8M. The earlier you can put these systems in place, the better.
How is this different than _____ program?
There are a lot of great programs and consultants out there. The problem is that they often focus on a single issue like sales, marketing, etc. Our focus is on the thinking and systems which create a culture of efficiency, profitability, and constant improvement. This frees the owner up to focus on their passions, increase profit, and delegate appropriate - critical factors for building your company without doing everything yourself.
Is this group coaching?
No. We work directly with you and your team via regularly scheduled Zoom calls, a dedicated Slack Channel, full access to our tools and templates, and tracked project management. Our entire team is aligned for your success, and you have access to us for the duration of our engagement. We work with a very limited number of the right clients at a time.

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Our Process

Based on 20 years of experience building award-winning companies and turning around dozens of companies from struggle to success, we've refined our process to achieve high-impacts quickly.

Assess the current situation

Assess the current situation

Get organized with critical data and remove the mental barriers between what's happening now and your new future using an opportunity identification process.

Build a high performance team

Build a high performance team

Transform your existing team into an elite unit using our unique three-part model to build a resilient, high-performance culture.

Analyze & refine your business model

Analyze & refine your business model

Uncover opportunities within your existing business model and ensure sustainable, profitable growth using a simple analysis model.

Operationalize a world-class brand

Operationalize a world-class brand

Wrap your vision in a brand that can be easily conveyed by your employees and customers, with the tools to leverage design to your advantage.

Create lean systems + Kaizen culture

Create lean systems + Kaizen culture

Unlock value across the company through systems, automation, and a process for constant improvement.

Align & inspire your people

Align & inspire your people

Delegate responsibilities and align compensation with progress toward company objectives.

Refactor your sales process

Refactor your sales process

Build a repeatable, measurable sales process that automates and accelerates the right revenue from the right customers with ease.

Optimize your product & customer experience

Optimize your product & customer experience

Clearly communicate your products and services, and provide exceptional customer service.

Decentralize data

Decentralize data

Leverage the right data across your organization to delegate good decision-making and manage by exception.

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