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Our award-winning team helps business owners achieve rapid, profitable, and sustainable scale with intelligent processes, real-life experience and focused execution.

We leverage expertise and experience across multiple disciplines to address big challenges with great strategy, scalable systems, design, and technology.

  • Andrew Cull

    Andrew Cull

    Founder & CEO

    Andrew is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agema. He leads the Agema team and often works directly with clients developing and executing strategic projects. Prior to starting Agema, Andrew successfully founded 7 companies, was listed on the INC 500 three times. His interests include big data, visualization, cyber-security, leadership and performance-driven culture. Andrew graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in International Politics and Middle East History. You will find him climbing mountains, riding motorcycles, flying airplanes or hunting in the Idaho backcountry.

  • Al Smith

    Al Smith

    Success Catalyst

    Al joined the Agema team in 2022 as a Senior Advisor, working directly with clients. In addition to working as a consultant and executive, Al built 18+ six- and seven-figure businesses in multiple industries over the past 25 years. He can be found in the mountains, or restoring old Range Rovers with his son.

  • Kristina Netzler

    Kristina Netzler

    Project Manager

    Kristina has held marketing positions at the NBA, WNBA and Division 1 Colleges (Minnesota Timberwolves|Lynx, Seattle Sonics|Storm, Florida Gators, and Fresno State). She holds a Bachelor's in Marketing, a Master's in Advertising, and Series 7. The teammate with the coolest stories, she loves climbing mountains, sleeping in a snow caves, jumping off boats, and adventures in general.

  • Barnabas Pataki

    Barnabas Pataki


    Barnabas is a software developer from Hungary, experienced in backend systems and databases. He was one of the founding software engineers behind the e-learning platform, GreaterCommons. Outside of work, he enjoys contributing to open source projects, filming with his drone and listening to podcasts. You can also find him swimming, hiking, and doing his utter best to get away from the screen.

  • Mihai Frankfurt

    Mihai Frankfurt

    Graphic Designer

    The man behind Agema’s logo, and all things visual, Mihai has spent over a decade working with clients across the globe. Before chalking up an impressive 200 logos, he earned a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and a Master’s in Advertising and Book Design. A sports and arts enthusiast, he is also an avid runner and skier. If he invites you out for dinner, you can bet the food will be good.

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