Case Study

Doubled locations and improved visibility, profitability, and cash flow

Matthew and Katherine Wendland acquired a small coffee shop just outside of Seattle as their first venture. Experts in coffee and relationships quickly became the go-to spot in the highly competitive Seattle area market. Surrounded by Starbucks and other local competition, they sought to build a brand and experience, bringing a friendly and accessible approach while becoming an anchor in the community. Starting with the purchase of the business, our challenge was to restructure the purchased business from scratch and acquire additional independent shops with the marketing, delivery, and technology systems to run the entire operation.

Following our process, we worked together to analyze the existing business and uncover the opportunities missed by the previous owners. Once identified, we analyzed the competition and developed a business plan that differentiated them from the competition.

Finally, Agema worked with them to build out their technology infrastructure to have real-time visibility into sales, inventory, and product lines which allowed them to use data to test and execute new strategies constantly as they continued to grow.

Matthew and Katherine continue to expand in a place where most believe the market to be completely saturated. Their creativity and friendliness are infectious and it's been fun watching them transition from focusing on daily operations to thinking about their future.

If you're ever near the Seattle-Tacoma International airport, be sure to stop by for one of the best espresso drinks Seattle has to offer.

Burien Press Coffee

“The security and clarity provided by the Agema group was invaluable and gave us what we needed to overcome the staggering statistics concerning the failure rate of a business. We cannot recommend the Agema team and process highly enough.”

Matthew Wedland
CEO & Owner, Burien Press Coffee