Overland Solar System on a Toyota Landcruiser

Overland Solar Case Study

Portable Solar Company builds the infrastructure, systems, and strategy for rapid growth and less stress.

Key Results

Gross revenue growth
Increase in % Net Profit
New products developed

Client profile

Overland Solar designs and manufactures high-reliability solar systems for off-grid vehicle travel, military, and industrial clients. Based in Boise, Idaho, the company is trusted by everyone from the US Military to human-powered expeditions across Antarctica and Mt. Everest.


Brian, the founder of Overland Solar, started the company in 2013 from the frustration with existing solutions under-delivering on their marketing promise. He immediately developed a system which would provide real power to vehicle-based campers and travellers. Backed by personalized and extremely knowledgeable customer service, as an army of one, the company organically grew past six figures in the first year.

As demand increased, the sophistication of the company's operations had to increase. While orders were going out, production was challenging and Brian found himself working seven days a week, often over 10 hours per day. With many happy B2B and B2C customers, he sought Agema's assistance in building out the infrastructure to enable rapid scale and free up his time.


The primary concern was meeting rapidly increasing customer demand and expanding while ensuring the company generated enough cash flow to self-fund the expansion. During the process, Overland Solar added an additional 3 employees which have already supported 7-figure increases in sales.


Moved and organized company data to cloud-based email and document management with access control, enabling all staff to access appropriate documents.


Deploy an ERP to enable lean, distributed production.


Rebranded with a new logo, product packaging, and guidelines.


Secured manufacturing partners and a larger facility to allow for expansion and flow.


Built out an affiliate network and the process for qualifying new B2B customers.


Developed additional products, increasing average order value by over $200 per customer.


Overall, the quality of life and income has improved for all staff at Overland Solar. Expectations and roles are clear, the business runs smoothly, and continues growth rates approaching 100% since our work in 2019.

Decreased CEO workweek to 40 hours

Prior to retaining Agema, Brian was consistently working 70 hours per week. He now enjoys a normal work week free from administrative and fulfillment work which drives company growth and strengthens relationships.

Happier Customers

Technology implementations now provide faster, more responsive customer service and real-time order statuses. This has reduced the call volume significantly as sales continue to rise.

Lean US Manufacturing

Passionate about US manufacturing, the company now has technology-backed processes for internal production in Boise, Idaho. Capacity continues to increase to meet demand with an extremely low error/rejection rate.

In the year after we started work with the Agema team, we saw a 70.7% increase in gross revenue and a 47.1% increase in net profit. We have real-time data for decision making and overall our operations and systems will enable us to keep up the pace for the foreseeable future.

Brian Wurts
Founder & President
Overland Solar

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