Mountain Madness Guiding on Mt. Everest
Case Study

Mountain Madness

International mountain guiding company develops a plan for global expansion.

Key Results

Client profile

Mountain Madness is a Seattle-based, international mountaineering and trekking company. The company specializes in mountain adventure travel and has a training school for mountain and rock climbing.




Mountain Madness recently hired Agema to help us investigate a new business venture. Our team and the Agema team collaborated together to create a plan that helped integrate our existing business into the new entity. The project was enthusiastically and passionately embraced by the Agema team and was completed on time and on budget.

Mountain Madness received several tangible benefits in improvements to our business systems. Based on data and research collected by the Agema team, we were able to make an informed and well-thought-out decision.

Agema was passionate and professional throughout the process and we look forward to working with Agema again soon.

Bottom line, they took the time to figure out what we actually needed, not only what we thought we needed.

Steve Guthrie
Director, International Programs
Mountain Madness

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