Idaho Overland Adventure Rig
Case Study

Idaho Overland Adventures

Adventure Rental Company Increased Bookings by 1500% in 3 months.

Key Results

Increase in same-year booked revenue
Weekly increase in e-mail subscriptions
Increase in Monthly Revenue in within 30 days

Client profile

Idaho Overland Adventures provides fully-equipped adventure vehicles and trailers for camping and exploration. Based in Boise, Idaho we enable our customers to create life-long memories.


Co-Founders Brianne and Joe pursued their dream of owning their own business during the COVID-19 lockdown. With a passion for overland vehicle travel, they built out Toyota 4-Runners and adventure trailers fully stocked to provide their customers with a concierge, inclusive camping experience.

Using a variety of consultants and agencies, they became quickly frustrated with money going out the door, especially paid-ads, and no measurable results. As they headed into their first season, they became anxious at the lack of reservations despite having a whole fleet of vehicles ready to go. While everyone seemed interested, sales were not coming in as expected.


While we have a large toolkit, every project is unique. With sales being the primary concern, our first 30 days focused on rapid tests as well as persona development, building simple marketing and sales processes, and analyzing data as we tested. Once sales were booming and lead-generation became automatic, we shifted our focus together on creating documented business systems and software automation, exploring new opportunities to reduce seasonality, and creating community partnerships to drive new revenue and relationships.


Analyze market opportunities and develop marketing personas.


Quickly re-built the existing website and created a minimal set of brand assets for maximum impact including staff uniforms, and custom graphic design.


Migrated to new booking software with integrations to maximize visibility across several aggregation platforms.


Created standardized processes for lead generation and conversion.


Established key performance indicators and targets for measuring success.


Put standing reporting and communication systems in place to drive execution and efficiency for all staff.


The company now has a new future. Joe left his job as an airline pilot to pursue his passion full-time. They both have the confidence to support their beautiful family now and moving forward. With the rental business working as planned, without the need to constantly put out fires, they are focused on the future with some additional services planned for launch in the fall of 2021. Instead of actively working in the business, they have both become executives following the clear roadmap they've designed for their future and watching their dream business unfold.

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