Jon Hautman of Phlster Holsters
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Phlster Holsters

How a small holster company grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise in under 2 years.

Key Results

Increase in Sales
32 hrs
CEO time saved per week
New products created

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Working out of the spare room of his South Philadelphia row home, founder Jon Hauptman experimented with building custom holsters and showcased his trials on his YouTube channel. After millions of views, he launched his own custom holster company which has grown into a significant and disruptive thought leader in the industry.



In less than 3 months, the company eliminated cash-flow and inventory challenges and started growing again quickly. Jon was able to easily move from the hardest working employee to working on research and development, with both financial and time freedom to take the company to even greater heights. The company continues to grow by well over 100% per year.

A year ago, PHLster was a struggling small business with limited prospects. Trapped on the treadmill of bootstrapping, the growth plateau was accompanied by inventory management and cash flow obstacles. This limited my ability to knuckle down on the necessary product development so desperately required.

Agema helped PHLster solve these issues by partnering us with a third-party distributor to take over inventory and fulfillment. They expanded our network of dealers and institutional clients, integrated our existing e-commerce site with their inventory system, and developed strategies for managing cash flow and predicting and managing inventory. Andrew and the team freed me up to focus on what I bring to this business instead of scrambling aimlessly.

Since then, gross revenue has increased by more than 200% with an additional 50% growth anticipated in 2020. Our network of dealers and institutional clients is now global. And being free to focus on my strengths at the helm of this business, PHLster has released, upgraded, or expanded over a dozen products in the past 12 months.

If that wasn’t enough, I have more free time and mental clarity than I’ve ever had as the owner of this business. I’ve gone from looking for an exit to looking forward to the future.

The collaboration between Agema, PHLster, and our distributor has been the single most successful and valuable improvement I’ve ever executed for this business.

John Hauptman
Founder & CEO
Phlster Holsters

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