Case Study

134% Increase In Sales and 126% Increase In Profitability and Cash Flow

Phlster is a fast-growing company specializing in concealed-carry gun holsters and covert medical equipment for police, military, and prepared civilians. Founder and CEO, Jon Hauptman retained the Agema team to develop fulfillment and inventory systems and strategies after a series of stock-outs and production planning issues. As a brilliant marketer and designer, Jon knew he could scale if Agema could develop the infrastructure and process to keep customers happy and product on the shelves.

The Agema team went to work analyzing historical sales, opportunities, and segmenting the markets already addressed by Phlster using existing analytics systems. Using an array of data, the team sought to answer the question of "What Causes Sales?" and developed several tests to validate our theory.

Through a strategic partnership forged by the Agema team, Phlster partnered with a 3rd Party Fulfillment operation and we set dynamic par levels for inventory forecasting to ensure delivery.

Once configured, the Agema team developed custom software functions to link Phlster's website with the 3PL provider and automatically trigger production orders based on analytics trends.

The team also built on several international and government relationships, expanding Phlster's distribution network to Europe and Australia.

With decreased overhead, and a whole lot more time, Phlster was able to develop and launch 4 additional products and triple digit growth continues without any additional marketing or overhead spend.

Phlster Holsters

“Gross revenue has increased by more than 100% and being free to focus on my strengths at the helm of this business, PHLster has released, upgraded, or expanded over a dozen products in the past 12 months. If that wasn’t enough, I have more free time and mental clarity than I’ve ever had as the owner of this business. I’ve gone from looking for an exit to looking forward to the future.”

John Hauptman
CEO, Phlster Holsters