Radical Efficiency: How Business Owners Compete in 2022

blog / Radical Efficiency: How Business Owners Compete in 2022
by Andrew Cull

Radical Efficiency℠ is a process and way of thinking that enables founders to scale quickly and predictably without stress and headache.  Based on our work with dozens of companies ranging from $0 to $100M in revenue, we spent a year developing the exact steps we’ve taken to fundamentally shift the trajectory of businesses across multiple industries.

Most founders and business owners we work with tell us the same things:

  • You work long hours, but you don’t make the pay or profit that reflects your effort.
  • You're juggling a long list of tasks and decisions to make. The business relies on you to fill in the gaps and create forward movement; if you stop, the company will suffer if not fail.
  • You can’t take a vacation without the business suffering, so you’re chained to your phone and email even though you need a break.
  • You believe in the vision, and long-term success, but the roadmap to get there and the tactics required aren't clearly understood.

Radical efficiency is extreme alignment between strategy, people, and systems.

The business world has only sped up. There are more competitors, more technology, and access to massive markets. More than ever, to compete, you need radical efficiency to move quickly, adjust your strategy constantly, and the systems and data to enable every employee to make good decisions in real-time.

This is also how you, as the business owner, achieve both time and financial freedom. Every single client we've worked with has more time, more money, and less stress, and their businesses are growing far faster than their competitors.

What does Radical Efficiency look like in action?

Regardless of the product or service your company sells, organizations we’ve worked with look like this:

  • Every employee has a clear understanding and ownership of strategic priorities
  • They experience rapid, profitable, and sustainable sales growth with a lot less stress
  • Teams are highly functioning and can make good decisions together
  • They are agile, with the ability to quickly pivot based on data-informed decisions
  • They foster a culture of high-performance and constant improvement
  • The owner can take a vacation, disconnected and off-the-grid, and the company not only functions but continues to thrive

What’s your definition and measure of success?

While observing the behaviors, business success can and should be objectively measured. The definition of “success” depends on you. You might want to spend less time putting out fires and more time with your family or blow past $100M in revenue. We want to help you build a great company that provides the financial and time freedom to live life on your terms.

For example, in 2019, we worked with a distribution company highly reliant on a single customer for over 40% of its revenue. Within one year, they experienced:

  • 671% increase in gross revenue
  • $1M in additional gross profit
  • no customer concentration of more than 10% of gross income.
  • Investors are now getting a return on their investment after seven years of struggle.

A landscape design firm in the pandemic:

  • increased sales 500% within six months of our first day
  • the owner moved from the most challenging working employee to a real CEO - running the company and doing what he loves
  • they are signing single contracts larger than 4x their previous year annual sales
  • went from struggling to cover monthly expenses to buying a home.

A sporting goods company founder was able to:

  • delegate all daily tasks and focus on his passion for product design
  • double the previous year's" "What'swe'vewe'vearen't sales in 6 months, then did it again.
  • continue 200% compound annual growth while taking time to vacation, invest in other ventures, and develop 12 additional products.

They all made fundamental changes in how they think about, lead, and manage their business. We worked together to design around their dreams and aspirations, both personally and professionally, and transition from a default future of stress and headache to a new future of predictable, sustainable success.

Whether you want to stand on a stage, be recognized as an industry leader, buy a yacht or take a vacation, building a successful business creates that freedom.

How do you get there, and how long does it take?

We work directly with you, walking you through step by step, providing structure, consulting, and strategic advice at each stage. Throughout the 3-months, we’ll meet via Zoom weekly, supporting you at every step.

Each week we’ll implement a process together with your team. There’s no group, no videos; you'll work directly with two veteran founders & CEOs supported by our fantastic team.

Get started now.

There is no better time to change your business trajectory than now. Schedule a strategy call to see precisely how, why, and what we can do for you.

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About Andrew Cull

Andrew is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agema. He leads the Agema team and often works directly with clients developing and executing strategic projects. Prior to starting Agema, Andrew successfully founded 7 companies, was listed on the INC 500 three times. His interests include big data, visualization, cyber-security, leadership and performance-driven culture. You will find him climbing mountains, riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, cooking or hunting in the Idaho backcountry.