Agema is a global multidisciplinary team that helps companies uncover, optimize, and maximize their true potential.

We work directly with you to put the structure, strategy, and systems in place to transform your organization and achieve exponential performance improvements.

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2020 Statistics

Your success is our purpose.

We work with clients in multiple industries, in multiple countries, to create exponential performance improvements.

74% Client Median Gross Revenue increase during 2020 calendar year.

88% Clients with > 10x ROI in Net Profit within one year of working with us.

7 Average years in business prior to engaging Agema.

$3.02M Average annual client revenue prior to engaging Agema.

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Gross revenue has increased by more than 100% and being free to focus on my strengths at the helm of this business, PHLster has released, upgraded, or expanded over a dozen products in the past 12 months. If that wasn’t enough, I have more free time and mental clarity than I’ve ever had as the owner of this business. I’ve gone from looking for an exit to looking forward to the future.

John Hauptman

CEO, Phlster Holsters

Through tough questions, I found my true passion and strengths. I'm in control with KPI's that help me measure my sales and project execution. Our new sales plan drove our incredible growth. Working with Agema wasn't easy. They ask tough questions, forced me to examine my life and my work, and asked me to do some hard work. At the end of the day... Agema put me in the driver's seat.

Grant Gosch

CEO, Jurgen Project

Andrew is a business savant, he is also brutally honest. He won't tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to hear. His track record is unparalleled, plus he's a fascinating guy and super enjoyable to work with. Highly recommended.

Todd McLeod

Founder & CEO, Greater Commons

In the year after we started work with the Agema team, we saw a 70.7% increase in gross revenue and a 47.1% increase in net profit. We have real-time data for decision making and overall our operations and systems will enable us to keep up the pace for the foreseeable future.

Brian Wurtz

Founder & CEO, Overland Solar